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CoatingPVD is the abbreviation of Physical Vapour Deposition. PVD coating is a plasma coating deposition technology.
The materials are vaporized under vacuum coating conditions to obtain a PVD coating.
PVD coating is used to provide new, additional features to the product: PVD coatings can have a vivid colour, there are wear resistant PVD coatings or reduced friction PVD coatings.

PVD Ion Coating can be devided into two kinds: Decorative Coating & Tool Coating.

The thickness of decorative coating is thinner. Its main purpose is to improve the appearance effects of products, for example: the color, the brightness etc. Besides, the decorative coating also can reduce the surface abrasion, resist surface corrosion and prolong the lifetime of products.

The decorative coating is mainly applied on different kinds of hardware products, for example: watches and clocks, doors, windows and locks, door hinges and door handles, kitchen and shower equipment hardware, tablewares, scissors and knifes etc. The PVD coatings create an attractive, modern surface in a comprehensive range of colors, and can be color-matched to existing metallic surfaces.

The thickness of tool coating is thicker than that of decorative coating. Its main purpose is to prolong the lifetme of different kinds of hardware tools, cutting tools and moulds, for example: screwdriver, pliers, lathe tool, milling cutter, planer tool, drills etc.

The tool coatings can highly prolong the lifetime of products. For example, for the lathe tool, milling cutter, planer tool and drills, after they were PVD coated, the lifetime will be rising to 5~40 times. Meanwhile, because of the PVD coatings are very fine and have small friction coefficient, the cutting speed of machine tools and the cleanliness of product surface are all highly improved. These factors improve the productivity of the factories, and the machining accuracy and appearance of products are all be ameliorated. This will bring more benefits to the enterprises.

So far, the PVD coating technology has been widely applied in the building materials, sports apparatus, lock hardwares, kitchen hardwares, watches and clocks, cutting tools etc. The PVD coating technology has bring abvious economic benefit to the enterpises and it also enhances the development potential of them. Today more and mroe engineers of manufactureing, building and designing industries have recognized the effects and special characters of the PVD ion coating.

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