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The application of the medical instrument
Cleanliness and lubricant-free operation are essential in medical instruments. However, this makes surgical instruments all the more subject to wear.

SPVD coatings are advantageous in this respect from many points of view. They prevent scuffing and ensure trouble-free operation, even when running dry. At the same time they protect the components against corrosion during sterilisation.

On instruments for eye surgery, SPVD TN with its yellow-gold colour, serves as a distinguishing characteristic versus uncoated instruments. In addition, the aesthetically pleasing appearance of the coating is appreciated

Coating Advantage
Coating has been authenticated as the Surface treatment which is the most intimate contact of human body.
• Coating for cell toxicity biological intermiscibility and other biological safety and the adaptability meet the industrial standard requirements
• Coating can help equipment tolerance repeated disinfection corrosion which can also help implant unit for longer to work in the human body, Fewer worries, less cost.
• Coating have more comfortable colors to choose from these color can help reduce sensory aversion patient, at the same time it can also last longer... keep parts like new.

Available coating
Remarks:For details please consult our technical staff.

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