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Cutting Application
SPVD coating provides you with high-performance tools that are always ready to meet the increasing demands of modern manufacturing. A full range of hard coatings are available for cutting tool especially for the cutting of graphite, aluminum alloy, copper, acrylic and fiber glass.

Coating Advantage
• Cost Effective:With our coatings, cutting tool's cost will be much reduced due to longer life cycle, shorter machine down time and better machining surface.
• Good Thermal Stability:Due to coating's good thermal stability, our Xstar series coatings suit for not only conventional wet cutting but dry and High Speed Machining. 
• Special Material Cutting: These materials are graphite, non-ferrous metal, acrylic and even fiber glass

• Cost savings
  Coated tools can be set up to take significantly higher cutting speeds and feeds, reducing
  the time and cost for machining. The longer service life reduces the tool-changing costs.
• Hard machining
  Hard and wear resistant coatings enable hardened materials up to 60 HRC to be machined.
  Tools with defined cutting edges can be used for the final machining of hard workpieces,
  so that no subsequent grinding is required.
• Materials that are difficult to machine
  Aluminium, titanium and magnesium alloys and high-alloy steels are hard to machine.
  Special coatings, with low frictional coefficient and low tendency to adhere, make it easier
  to machine such materials.

Available coating
Remarks:For details please consult our technical staff.

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